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Are You Embarrassed By Your Smile?

Have you lost your confidence with your smile?

How do you think your smile affects the chances of success at work?

Would a better smile improve your job prospects?

Would you like a whiter, brighter smile?

Well a recent survey showed that people who had whiter, straighter teeth were 59% more likely to be attracted to the opposite sex and personal appearance was deemed highly for financial success, personal success and trustworthiness.

What are Dental Veneers?

A dental veneer is a thin layer of synthetic material (porcelain or composite) that is placed over the tooth’s surface to improve the tooth’s attractiveness in terms of alignment, color or shape. A substantial aesthetic effect can be obtained with a veneer and minimal tooth preparation is required.


Applying Veneers

Veneers are applied to the teeth in 3 visits to the dentist:

Veneer Preparation

The teeth are prepared by removing 0.3 to 0.5 mm of enamel (the thickness of a fingernail) to allow room for the veneer layer. An impression of the teeth is taken and sent to the specialized dental laboratory that will create the veneers.

Veneer Try-In

The appearance and fit of the veneer is checked in your mouth to ensure that it meets with your approval. Further try-ins may be scheduled until the veneer looks right.

Veneer Bonding

Bonding permanently attaches the veneer to the tooth. After cleaning the tooth, the veneer is bonded to the tooth with a special dental cement. This cement is then hardened with a blue curing light.


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